Social Accountability – Keep a promise!

Can you keep a promise to a friend?  Of course you can…you’re awesome!

But can you keep a promise to yourself?

We are social beings and that is why it is much easier to keep a promise to a friend than it is to keep a promise to ourselves. This is especially true when it comes to making a big change in our life.

Today I want to challenge you to make a promise to your friends…


Option #1:

Call 3 friends and tell them that you are making a huge change in your life and you need their help in keeping you accountable.

Option #2:

Post on social media. This is simple but so effective! When you post on social media, you are letting your whole world know and wherever you go, you will have people asking you about your change.

In the Comments bellow tell me which option you are going to choose and what is going to be your promise.

And remember food is your medicine!




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