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Easy, Cheap Vegan Breakfast Ideas

How many times have you had 3 cups of coffee for breakfast? Be honest…
As you have probably heard, breakfast is the most important meal of your day. My common excuse and probably yours too was “I just don’t have time to make breakfast”. 🙁
I want you to be healthy and I want you to have breakfast every single morning, so that’s why today I’m sharing with you three simple breakfast ideas!

1- Smoothies
This one is my all-time favorite especially during warm months. It’s so easy to make and easy to take it on the go.

2- Oatmeal
This one is also very easy to make you can make it in the microwave in about a minute or two and you can also take it to work.
3 – Tofu Scramble
 If you love scrambled eggs and are worried that you’re going to miss them, don’t worry tofu scramble is just as delicious and so much better for you!
Now I would love to hear from you! Share your favorite simple breakfast idea in the comments bellow! Ps. Coffee doesn’t count 😉
And remember food is your medicine!


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