What is Nutritional Yeast?

They say that the first act recovery is acceptance
Hi my name is Daniela and I’m addicted to nutritional yeast.
Many of  you may have noticed I have been putting nutritional yeast on practically everything in the past couple of months. This overuse of nutritional yeast has sparked a lot of questions in our community.
What is nutritional yeast? Does it have any benefits? where can I get it? and How do I use it?

Nutritional yeast is an inacte yeast that is used as a condiment to create a nutty cheesy flavor.
Nutritional yeast is a complete protein. Some brands are fortified with vitamin B 12 which as you may know is very important in a vegan diet.
Nutritional yeast can be found in most health food stores either in the bulk section or in the condiment section.
You can use nutritional yeast in practically any meal. If you wanted to be cheesy, creamy and nutty simply sprinkle it on!
If you try this delicious condiment, you may become addicted!
Hopefully this is everything you need to know about nutritional yeast.
If you have any additional questions regarding nutritional yeast or if I failed to mention something important please leave it in the comments below.
Remember, food is your medicine!
Love Daniela

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