How to Meal Plan

I bet I know what your least favorite question of all-time is…..What’s for dinner?

Today I’m going to show you how to meal plan with five simple steps.
Step one
Brainstorm a list of at least 14 recipes. Just get a peace of paper and write down your favorite 14 meals. For me, the best recipes are not only the ones that taste good, but also the ones that have simple ingredients and take 15-20 min. of preparation time.
Step two
Get a monthly calendar. You can either purchase a magnetic one that you can put on your fridge or you can print off a blank calendar template and put it on your fridge. You can even draw one if you don’t have a printer.
Step three
Fill and the first two weeks of the month with your 14 recipes. Then simply copy the first two weeks to the third and fourth week
Step four
Write down grocery list for week one. Add breakfast foods and snacks. For lunch you will simply have leftovers from the night before. Repeat this process for week two. Voila! you have a grocery list for every week of the month!!
Step five
Go grocery shopping. Make sure you eat before you go, take your list, take your own bags and try to go when it’s not busy if you can.
Well there you have it five simple steps to meal plan. Meal Planning is the single, most important thing you can do to stick to the vegan diet.

In the comments below, tell us how your meal planning process went. What were you struggles and your insignts? Remember food is your medicine!



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