What it takes to create a habit‏

Hello my veganese friends,

I’ve been thinking lately about the best way to help others and encourage them to make a lasting change in their health and their life.

There are different approaches like taking baby steps or changing overnight. At first I thought that the approach to change was related to personality types, but as I looked at my own life and the many habits I have implemented, I realized that the approach to change is dependent on your current situation. Let me explain.

Overnight Change: I had seen the RA “star McDougallers” testimonials two years before I actually became a vegan. I did not make the change back then because I was comfortable. It wasn’t until I was sent to an oncologist, that I got really scared and made the decision to go vegan overnight without even knowing what that change would entail.

Baby Steps: By contrast, the habit of keeping an organized home has been one that I’ve been working on for years. I have “decided” to implement routines and rules to stay organized many times without ever sticking with any of those habits for more than a week! It wasn’t until I started taking baby steps (thanks to Fly Lady) that I began to create lasting habits.

As you can see, creating a habit depends on your situation. I encourage you to look at your health and decide your approach to change, baby steps or change overnight. Whatever you choose, know that I am here to help you in any way I can!



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